Apr 30, 2007

...and so there, before all the ghosts of the ohiki clan, cluck vowed his vengeance on the rogue pair of murderous swine that had massacred his peaceful clan and left his village a smoldering ruin. soon both sweet and sour would feel the bitter sting of 'peck' and 'scratch'...

so sweet is a really beautiful pig and sour is a hulking monster. this however, is me trying to solidify cluck's look and style. OpenCanvas, 45 min.

Apr 24, 2007

...ever vigilant, samurai cluck stands alone against a tide of lard soaked, grease smeared zombies. . .quivering bits of fried chicken flesh stuck to their rotten lips, the stench of seven special herbs and spices assaulting his nostrils...

Apr 23, 2007

...in all fairness, he did give the weasel a chance to apologize. but then again, space apes aren't known for their benevolence. plus he has a thermonuclear bazooka.

OpenCanvas, 2 hrs.
OpenCanvas, 45 min.

Apr 22, 2007

samurai cluck wanders a dark road alone, treading where no mortal soul dares. with his twin blades 'peck' and 'scratch' cluck protects the innocent from deep fried damnation at the hands of the evil colonel. (too much time on my hands apparently)

Apr 17, 2007

the dark knight, in copic markers. was supposed to be listening to a lecture about something.

Apr 14, 2007

GD2 portfolio has come and gone, and some of you asked to see what was in my portfolio, but i don't lug it with me everywhere. here's a smattering of some of my stuff; a book jacket, a children's book illustration, and that 'dirty harry' airbrush illustration, the one a few posts back, was in there too.

Apr 5, 2007

my revised and colored illustration from my imaginary children's book "The Great Snipe Hunt". i guess this means i get to airbrush it now.
"...they were going to need a bigger net...and a lot more duct tape!" rough comp, 2 page spread for a children's book illustration.

Apr 2, 2007

well, i've finished tweakin' my airbrush illustration i did for 'dirty harry'. somehow i let myself get bullied into saying i'd submit it to graphex in tulsa, then i actually went and looked at the winners from last year and i feel retarded now. oh well at least they won't know who i am right?