Dec 11, 2007


my laptop got stolen and along with it, all of my digital work from the last several weeks. and all my nobeard stuff, including the nomad sketches. so all my digistuff is on hold until next year when i buy a new comp.

later gators.

Dec 10, 2007


small update, i finished sketching in nomad, now i just have to ink him. but something tells me that won't be for a few weeks.

Dec 9, 2007

no beard final

no beard final. i saved down my psd in a flattened version by accident. so really, he's done no matter what!

god technology sucks sometimes.

Nov 26, 2007

no beard beat up my homework

man, three weeks left in school and i can't focus. i'm sooooo tired of having no time for anything. oh well, this is the first thing i've done for myself since the last post.

Nov 12, 2007

no beard anderson

so i've started a fantasy matchup with mike anderson's characters (no beard and sean the nomad) but i only had time to finish one sketch tonite. i'm starting to lose interest in school.

Oct 28, 2007

ink is sexy

i hate scanning my inks...they never turn out right. anyone got any tips?

Oct 21, 2007

marshmellows for mike

i don't know what i ate, but it's world war III downtown. finished my tight pencils for the fastball special. also, started playing with color. which is dumb, cause i'm gonna have to ink these first before i can color anyways. i'm too busy marshmellowing my guts up in colorful patterns. ugh.


Oct 16, 2007

grandmothers gone bad...

ever get the feeling your grandma just isn't right? like maybe she's really the devil and she routinely resurrects dead cats to do her bidding?

just sayin'.

anyways, watercolor/marker/ink on hot press board for class.

Oct 15, 2007

fastball special

so i'm working this up for an acquaintance. his son happens to love x-men, and i happen to love drawing them and getting paid to draw them. life is good if only for now.

working up the tight pencils, i'm hoping to get colossus done tomorrow but we'll just have to wait and see. i have THREE projects due tuesday, one in each class, so he may have to wait.

Oct 11, 2007

team eggstreme

the title says it all folks. our package design class split into groups of three and was given the task to design and build two functional containers that are sexily designed. one must hide an egg and support 350 lbs for a full minute, and the other must survive a drop off a 30-40 foot drop. the egg cannot break in either event or we receive an F.

our concept is 'team eggstreme: breakfast commandos' fighting the war on unhealthy breakfast habits. we sculpted it into an entire campaign the health department would use to educate kids on healthier eating habits. our two packages are a m-1 eggbrams tank and a stealth type-e entry pod (S.T.E.P.). the tank supports the 350 lbs, and the s.t.e.p. can withstand any height it's dropped from. we transformed the three of us into breakfast commandos as part of the process as well. justin drew us up, i inked and colored us.

fyi, fall break is next week and i have to apply for graduation before november 1st. where does time go?

Oct 9, 2007

new tricks?

after a few conversations with keith, i'm trying something new.

Sep 10, 2007

well, tight rough for the thrillustration group identity we each have to come up with. this is the almost done stage with markers....markers i just spent like 300 bucks on.

but i'm tired and i have other homework to do besides illustration.

*updated* decided to go digital with my thrillustrator... he's all doned up now real purty like.

Sep 3, 2007

jesus balls christ i hate sometimes; concept work for a logo i got lucky enough to effing SNAG out of seemingly thin air. team drunk dc (want to know more? -- well me too! maybe there will be a site for you to visit soon...*hint hint*) will soon be sporting some bitchin' gear featuring mr. lincoln enjoying his tasty beverage.

*updates* apparently their website is ALMOST done (awesome) and i'm at a halfway point on honest abe here. markers are fun.

*update* honestly blitzed abe is done. all that's left is for my boss to ok the design then i get to start all over again!

Aug 29, 2007

thrillustrator -- (noun) a larger than life monster of epic proportion and skill; versed in the art of thrilling illustrations that defy all sense of rationality and create a sense of wondrous horror.

Aug 20, 2007

last sketch of the summer *sigh*; a little cloud fanart before school starts tomorrow morning.

someone asked me today if i would post up some process for cloud. i didn't save alot of it; it tends to slow me down, but there's what i have.

Aug 15, 2007

spent another evening in opencanvas with rachel; she drew water sprites and i drew a bad pirate girl. bad girls are fun. i wish i had one lol.

opencanvas, 1.5 hours

taking up his father's broken spear, young lord cluck battled savagely into the night. tirelessly he swung his arms, cutting a swath of righteous fury towards the temple. if only he could reach the sacred altar where 'peck' and 'scratch' lay in reverent silence...the swine of the tonkatsu clan would know fear... then they would know nothing more.

a conceptual sketch exploring different methods of cg and color application; i would like to point out that i have moved up in the world to OpenCanvas 4.5, and can say it's very nice, but incredibly buggy. also, with this i'm exploring cluck's anatomy and making some decisions on how anthropomorphic he really is or if he's really just a giant chicken that can somehow hold a sword.


Aug 11, 2007

mike krahulik (gabe) is my hero. getting friendly with a fun cartoon style is hard, but easier to do when you can draw on your icons. drawing curves happens to be my bane in this life, mike does it with ease. i analyze, over analyze, reanalyze his drawings over and over and over and over again. sometimes i think i see his drawings in my sleep, i imagine the motion of his arm as he draws on his wacom "from the elbow" as any professional will tell you.

Jul 23, 2007

i'm back gentle lurkers. after nearly a month long absence, i've come home.

went to DC to see a near & dear, saw some sights, drew some pictures. i found a particularly wonderful one today while i was going through my sketchbook (finally). i was in the national gallery of art, looking through an exhibit called 'private treasures'. it was a collection of 400 years worth of pencil and ink drawings. a few artists in particular stood out to me in a big way, and i managed a few sneaky sketches on my second visit to the gallery. i tried to copy simple poses and strokes, using broad motions to emulate the flowing action in the sketches i observed. of course, i altered the sketches a bit so in case someone was looking over my shoulder, they wouldn't see me copying, unless they happened to be an illustrator themselves. the artist that attracted me the most was francois boucher. he had a very rough-hewn, but sensual style that really moves your eye over the subject in a rhythmic fashion. i did a quick study from 'the games' of one of men closer to the foreground.

blogger how i have missed thee. i'm sorry for the lack of updates everyone, been adjusting back to work and catching up. had some computer issues as well and lost more than a few files i was working on. but it's over now, you're safe; i'm here and i'll begin adding more very soon.

Jun 24, 2007

thought it might be fun to show how i spend an evening in OpenCanvas

behind him only ruin, before him only fortune.

excerpt from the chronicle of the dancing bandit