Jul 23, 2007

i'm back gentle lurkers. after nearly a month long absence, i've come home.

went to DC to see a near & dear, saw some sights, drew some pictures. i found a particularly wonderful one today while i was going through my sketchbook (finally). i was in the national gallery of art, looking through an exhibit called 'private treasures'. it was a collection of 400 years worth of pencil and ink drawings. a few artists in particular stood out to me in a big way, and i managed a few sneaky sketches on my second visit to the gallery. i tried to copy simple poses and strokes, using broad motions to emulate the flowing action in the sketches i observed. of course, i altered the sketches a bit so in case someone was looking over my shoulder, they wouldn't see me copying, unless they happened to be an illustrator themselves. the artist that attracted me the most was francois boucher. he had a very rough-hewn, but sensual style that really moves your eye over the subject in a rhythmic fashion. i did a quick study from 'the games' of one of men closer to the foreground.

blogger how i have missed thee. i'm sorry for the lack of updates everyone, been adjusting back to work and catching up. had some computer issues as well and lost more than a few files i was working on. but it's over now, you're safe; i'm here and i'll begin adding more very soon.

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