Mar 31, 2008

a little this and…

…a little that.

three doodles for your viewing pleasure. again from my comic for cartooning class. i tried a different style on each one, trying to find something comfortable for production. anyways, enjoy. big thanks for jim cheung/mark morales. i couldn't get the smoke right on the fight scene and ended up finding a beautiful piece they collaborated on so i ref'd it. that's why they're da' pros and i'm a shmuck.

Mar 9, 2008

this is what it sounds like...

…when the doves cry.

so keith asked me to roll my story for cartooning forward to a more pivotal point in leo's life. i worked up some sketches of him as a soldier, but i only colored one.

and i loathes it. like i loathes that fishy taste in my iced tea at red lobster. for some reason i've been having a huge struggle to color anything lately. it's as if all my learnin' is getting in the way of me enjoying it. and i end up feeling stunted.

must fix that.

Mar 6, 2008

be a friend…

…punch a baby!

working up some ideas for a young leo, a character from my comic. sketched/painted in photoshop -- 1.5 hours

Mar 4, 2008

into the lost wilderness...

sir yvain fought many long battles for king arthur. as the seasons passed, tales of his exploits spread, his legend grew. after 15 long years, yvain returned home to his beloved laudine. in his absence however, her heart had grown cold and she cast him aside.

refused by his love, yvain rode into the lonely wood in the grip of a great madness where he dwelt for many years, insane with grief. there, tangled in the briar thorns he weeps, his anguished cries reverberating through the twisted trees, the knight of the wild.

a study for my character book. i'm pulling ten characters from either literature or my own creation and creating a book of process and study.

yvain is mad, his hair tangled and matted. leaves and twigs throughout his beard and hair, scars from the thorns cover his body. the last vestige of his humanity remains the sword he wielded when he was still a knight of the round table, now rusted and pitted.

pen & ink, no pencil! -- 2 hours