Mar 4, 2008

into the lost wilderness...

sir yvain fought many long battles for king arthur. as the seasons passed, tales of his exploits spread, his legend grew. after 15 long years, yvain returned home to his beloved laudine. in his absence however, her heart had grown cold and she cast him aside.

refused by his love, yvain rode into the lonely wood in the grip of a great madness where he dwelt for many years, insane with grief. there, tangled in the briar thorns he weeps, his anguished cries reverberating through the twisted trees, the knight of the wild.

a study for my character book. i'm pulling ten characters from either literature or my own creation and creating a book of process and study.

yvain is mad, his hair tangled and matted. leaves and twigs throughout his beard and hair, scars from the thorns cover his body. the last vestige of his humanity remains the sword he wielded when he was still a knight of the round table, now rusted and pitted.

pen & ink, no pencil! -- 2 hours

1 comment:

Luke said...

great study...i is a little different from what i usually see of yours, i like how it is stylized and the fact that you had no pencils is cool too.

As far as I see there are a few things i do see. The butt seems to be like an upsidedown triangle, if that makes sense, like he has no weight on it. The top of the knee would show through by his face. 2 more things, where his tricep is resting on the leg, and the calf is swished up against his hamstring, there should be some sense of pressure kinda like how his butt should be.
I realize it is stylized a bit, and like it better that it is, seeing how it is linked to aruthurian legend. I want to see more of him.