Apr 23, 2008

7 days left…

…so, you'd think school would get easier as graduation approaches, but you'd be wrong. it gets harder for some reason. probably because i have 8 billion things to do and no time to do it. anyway, layout for cartooning. i need to ink it and color it before monday.


Apr 10, 2008

no no no…

and no yet again.

i beefed up my blacks, and experimented with crosshatching. the hatching completely destroyed the look i wanted, the look i captured in my pencils. the things i did like about the flying leo inks included the consistency of the line directions…it gave the piece a clean chiseled look. the crosshatching here seems to divide the drawing of camen into comic/chiseled and quirky semi-surreal oddball. i like what's going on with his right arm, it's clean and more simply rendered. that's good for color. his left arm...no. so another failure, but logging this as a step towards refinement. until i figure out how to effectively use crosshatching, it's going away where you can't see it it.

except you.

you in back, with the diamond monkey skull, you're okay.

Apr 8, 2008


inked it. normally i use a brush or somethin' digital. but this time i used straight pens. and i gotta say, i'm not happy with it. i figured this out about 10 minutes into it. however, i can't quit in the middle of something so i finished it. most of the stuff feels too contrived, the shadows make no sense, and the lines are all a mess. too many areas have the same line quality, and make it hard to discern what's going on, meaning this will HAVE to be solved in color.

no bueno.

i need to tighten my pencils on this if i want to have that geometric/chiseled look. then perhaps skip inking and simply paint or color in. i don't know. i'm going to go back and ink this with a brush now and investigate that option.

rick i need to borrow your brain for a few hours.

Apr 7, 2008

up in the air…

…junior birdman!

keith was sick today :( so ruki came to give us a nice lecture on how to use indesign. fortunately for me, i already had cg3 so i got to spend the hour doodling this action shot of leo, i'll fix most of the issues with the anatomy when i ink/paint it most likely. OR i'll leave it. because i can.

is sexeh.

Apr 6, 2008

frenzied death throes of comic proportion

well perhaps not, but hey, it's catchy.

two more character post ups for cartooning. leo and t'kk (the protagonist and sidekick of my story) and camen (the meaty, mean looking antagonist) are done now. i think this is the approach i'm going to take with it. as much as i love inking, i may skip the inks and opt to scan and paint in photoshop straight on. just depends. i'll probably need to grab up an H or F pencil to keep things clean.

we'll see what happens.

Apr 3, 2008

let's party!!


okay, if you haven't seen the musical avenue q, you're probably wondering what the heck this is. however, my best friend desperately desires some bad idea bears of her own and until i learn to sew and cast black voodoo magic, this'll have to do. i could be doing homework, but gosh this is too much fun.

the time has come to hunt for the elusive job up DC way. i found a listing for a place and instantly got incredibly excited about all the possibilities glass might hold. so we'll see if anything comes out of it. i spent this entire semester working in illustrator and photoshop every single day, so i'm definitely at expert mode for adobe CS anything. too bad adobe isn't hiring someone to tell them what's wrong :P

viva la graduation

Apr 1, 2008

ti'kk a chk chk

character sketches for a new persona in my comic for class.

but on a more important note, i need windows mobile 6.1; finally you can view your text messages as an ongoing IM session. i've been waiting for this forever. not just that, but the entire interface has undergone a sexification that would make steve jobs proud. there's quite a few new additions that seriously put windows mobile over the top. need need need it.

also… 30 days kids. 30 more days. as for now, i'm about to die. goodbye.