Apr 10, 2008

no no no…

and no yet again.

i beefed up my blacks, and experimented with crosshatching. the hatching completely destroyed the look i wanted, the look i captured in my pencils. the things i did like about the flying leo inks included the consistency of the line directions…it gave the piece a clean chiseled look. the crosshatching here seems to divide the drawing of camen into comic/chiseled and quirky semi-surreal oddball. i like what's going on with his right arm, it's clean and more simply rendered. that's good for color. his left arm...no. so another failure, but logging this as a step towards refinement. until i figure out how to effectively use crosshatching, it's going away where you can't see it it.

except you.

you in back, with the diamond monkey skull, you're okay.

1 comment:

Rick Lacy said...

I hate doing crosshatches. it is a subtle, yet devious mistress.