Jun 24, 2007

thought it might be fun to show how i spend an evening in OpenCanvas

behind him only ruin, before him only fortune.

excerpt from the chronicle of the dancing bandit

Jun 20, 2007

spent a big chunk of my night finishing this reproduction. i originally painted it back in january of 2006. but it sucked and my friend wanted it as a print. can anyone say do over?

Jun 18, 2007

"come get some" cluck breathed raggedly, "i'll send you to whatever hell you wish." hundreds he had slain, yet hundreds more remained.

working up some more cluck stuff. early stage here, thought might be fun to showcase my process a little.

6/21 update: value study added for cluck. i can already see some readability issues on him which i'll be going back to fix.

Jun 3, 2007

some more revisions.
sci-fi character concept from a writer i recently started working with. i had the afternoon off so i started doodlin'. changes will definitely implemented as the process moves farther along, but i like to post up the first sketch, so i can compare it to the final.

Jun 2, 2007

nothin' entirely new. just reworked a splash page of my sketches, added some new stuffs in, took some weaker stuffs out. that's all for today kiddos.