Feb 27, 2009

i am the night...

...but he is also the lunch. specifically the pad thai from noodles & co. the dark knight is everywhere! even during lunch meetings at your office! silently judging your to-do lists!

if you're an art kid, you're probably like me. you probably drew all over your papers, worksheets and homework during grade school. some of us got in trouble for it. some of us got bonus points.

some of us still do it.

Feb 17, 2009

naughty, naughty mr. kool-aid...

...yes, there's totally a lack of clothing here.

i never draw naughty stuff and i really want to try it out. it's totally a blast, but methinks i'll end up wracking my brains trying to think of more hot ideas.

if only i was bruce timm. he oozes sexy directly from the pen onto the page. man that sounds so bad.

but true.

Feb 6, 2009

just sit back...

...and relax? deviantart.com allows you to create slideshows of your galleries! nifty!

Feb 2, 2009

it came from the 1950's...

...so a website we're sponsoring asked us to work them up a header. vinyl virgin is a site dedicated to new vinyl users - helping em' out with care, maintenance, and purchasing quality equipment. their current header is somewhat meh. of course, we were more than happy to oblige them. i got to bubblin' and thought "man...vinyl virgin...total 50's pulp horror film." and so i decided to sacrifice a young virgin to the vinyl gods. to that end, this is just the star of the site graphic, marty. the rest of the temple is gonna be made from vinyl records and the site header will be total 1950's cheese.

i'm so lucky i get to do this stuff.