Aug 29, 2007

thrillustrator -- (noun) a larger than life monster of epic proportion and skill; versed in the art of thrilling illustrations that defy all sense of rationality and create a sense of wondrous horror.

Aug 20, 2007

last sketch of the summer *sigh*; a little cloud fanart before school starts tomorrow morning.

someone asked me today if i would post up some process for cloud. i didn't save alot of it; it tends to slow me down, but there's what i have.

Aug 15, 2007

spent another evening in opencanvas with rachel; she drew water sprites and i drew a bad pirate girl. bad girls are fun. i wish i had one lol.

opencanvas, 1.5 hours

taking up his father's broken spear, young lord cluck battled savagely into the night. tirelessly he swung his arms, cutting a swath of righteous fury towards the temple. if only he could reach the sacred altar where 'peck' and 'scratch' lay in reverent silence...the swine of the tonkatsu clan would know fear... then they would know nothing more.

a conceptual sketch exploring different methods of cg and color application; i would like to point out that i have moved up in the world to OpenCanvas 4.5, and can say it's very nice, but incredibly buggy. also, with this i'm exploring cluck's anatomy and making some decisions on how anthropomorphic he really is or if he's really just a giant chicken that can somehow hold a sword.


Aug 11, 2007

mike krahulik (gabe) is my hero. getting friendly with a fun cartoon style is hard, but easier to do when you can draw on your icons. drawing curves happens to be my bane in this life, mike does it with ease. i analyze, over analyze, reanalyze his drawings over and over and over and over again. sometimes i think i see his drawings in my sleep, i imagine the motion of his arm as he draws on his wacom "from the elbow" as any professional will tell you.