Dec 14, 2009


...and 'they' would be three of the finest artists i know. i've followed the careers of each of these guys for a while, had a chance to hang out with em' and have a few conversations. and you know what?

they're just as awesome as the madness they lay down on the page. so when they approached me and asked if i'd be interested in creating a poster for the event, you can bet i jumped at the chance.

if you live anywhere near new york city, go see em' saturday! you won't be sorry.

saturday, december 19th
7pm at the red horse cafe
497 6th avenue, park slope (brooklyn, NYC)

you get a chance to meet and mingle with these cats, enjoy some beverage and live music, and best of all - you get to check out all their awesome art.

i think you should all peruse their websites, it's worth your time.

Nov 24, 2009

so very long...

...and no updates! been crazy busy, moved to a new house and i still haven't replaced my scanner. however, i try to keep myself occupied. i've been working very hard on my digital coloring. most of the time i just pull art from my collection to practice with and when i'm done, i tuck it away never to see the light of day again.

i'm really happy with how this is turning out. i tried a lot of new stuff that i'd never considered before. when i look back now at my very first attempt at digital painting, i have to cringe. i really thought i'd pick up a wacom stylus and PRESTO! i'd be a painter. it's taken a few years since then to understand how real painting even works, how to actually use color theory and use that together. i'm still more comfortable with traditional watercolor, but lately i'm very thankful that i didn't get frustrated and give up.

actually, i still get frustrated!

lineart is of course by the illustrious joe madureira.

Sep 5, 2009

when superpowers collide... get disney and marvel. a pretty awesome match. of course everyone in the entire twitterverse and beyond is dreaming of their favorite crossovers. i can't think of anything more awesome than the two baddest dudes in the universe.

montgomery jack and ben grimm.

the toughest hombres this side of forever. ben grimm's strength is unmatched in the disneyverse, save for monty's cheese lust. please tell me there's going to be a fantastic four/rescue rangers crossover. gadget and reed richards are made for each other.

i'm so happy i could squeal.

Jul 7, 2009

mein gott...

...i'm here. i've been here for three weeks. three weeks of semi-laziness as i reconnect with friends and family.

i've drawn, but i still need to buy a new scanner. perhaps tomorrow i shall. for the faithful - you shall have a new drawing before next week ends. maybe even...more?

the move was good, i'm set up here in oklahoma now. been a busy bee during the day and my nights are filled with reunions. usually over mexican food or burgers. beer has been involved, but not overly much.

lots of character concept has gone on in my internet absence. i think you'll all be pleased with the results when i start posting them up. has been getting a makeover and in addition, i've joined forces with another powerful jedi...we've formed a side project but shhhhh...i can't tell you more than that.

but for now, thanks for following my wild romp on the east coast. i'm settled in and ready to rock. i leave you with some of the concept sketches for's new site id.

Jun 3, 2009

man these are DOWN, RIGHT, FIERCE! as many of you may have heard, i am moving to OKC. fun stuff - lots of opportunities are at hand! so in the midst of packing and finishing up client stuff here on the east coast, personal sketching and fun is now on hold. would you believe i've already packed my scanner?

thank god for webcams.

i got into a groove over the last week with the prismacolor speed sketches. each one of these ran around 45 minutes from the time the pencil hit the paper til' i laid the last marker stroke down. the most amazing thing about working fast (for fun!) is the amount you learn. you start seeing certain elements in your work and training yourself to see them before you draw them the next time. it teaches you to plan a little better.

i still think working quickly is a good habit to learn, but i've always been leery of just slamming out work for clients. when i'm sketching, i'm completely fine with bein' down and dirty, but on commissioned work? naw. sometimes, it just takes time and ya' gotta have that patience. especially with frisket!

see you cats in OKC real soon.

May 14, 2009


you can't have ryu without ken. that's like PB with no J. so another speed sketch in prismacolor marker to complete the dynamic duo. 45 minutes from start to finish.

man i am busted rusty slow these days.

...i MIGHT sketch akuma tomorrow...

May 13, 2009

hadouken! time - i can has it? i stole 30 minutes from myself to sketch a little somethin' in my sketchbook with my prismacolors. had em' almost 2 years and they're still fresh!

May 4, 2009

the abominable...

...charles christopher. which of course, is the best web comic ever. by the incredibly talented karl kerschl.

if you're not reading it, you're a loser.

spent some more time in photoshop getting a feel for my brushes. i think i spent an hour and a half on this from start to finish. did some watercolor effect, followed by some chalk. i'm starting to see where the watercolor brush is useful. turns out it's mostly for broad washes, the fine detail will come from the masks and pastel brushes. can't wait to do some more.

May 3, 2009

i love the dark...'s where all the fun happens.

are you going to survive this gordon? no. no you're not. because he's riddick son.


Apr 22, 2009

tit for tat...

...a little experimentation in photoshop. i wanted to paint digitally the way i use watercolors traditionally without having to scan in textures every time. i made a custom brush today while piddlin' in PS and plucked a sketch outta my pad, scanned it and messed around for little bit. really diggin' the texture so i'm anxious to see what else i can do with this.

Apr 19, 2009

pahn whitefoot...

...pahn stood impassively in the circle. though he had mastered the way of boulder, the path of water was still a mystery to him. this chicken ...this samurai... before him moved like water. water should break upon his boulder, but it simply flowed around him. pahn was intrigued. ever since cubhood, pahn whitefoot had studied the art of sumo and reveled in the simple joys of his life. but to see this glorious, masterful dance of sword and feather before him, he knew his joys were incomplete.

pahn spoke quietly "i would not leave my temple for all the bamboo of the sacred grove, but i will follow you if you will have me."

cluck considered this silent giant for a long moment. "i do not need a servant," he said at length, "but i would welcome a friend."

pahn bowed.

we need a montage...

...and so it begins. this is going to end up as a promotional poster for samurai cluck. more deets later, but expect refinements through the ink stage per usual.

i've got a samurai chicken, the ghost of his father, a kitjutsu fox ninja, a panda sumo and a venerable goat sensei. a pretty good start right?


Apr 11, 2009

the hound + the hare...

…few wizards ever actually survived an encounter with the hound & the hare. fewer still survived the first 5 minutes. anyone foolish enough to monologue was summarily gutted. or had his eyes gouged out by kunai. or chopped into pieces with a big sword. or beat up.

you get the idea.

Apr 7, 2009

the hare...

inks on the hare. flats too! prolly color the girls this weekend. maybe even a background.

probably not.

Apr 6, 2009

the hound…

who's the hound? no one special...just the only bounty hunter to track a man across 10 kingdoms and bring him back alive.

this was based on an art challenge idea rick had, but we got busy. then i reworked the idea and posed it to mike. he of course completed it, and i got busy. i'm an epic failure, i know.

as everyone may notice, my drawings are really loose and tend to change when i ink 'em. while i do ink a lot of my work digitally, i tend to draw just as loose with the wacom and aim for light, flowing curves as opposed to the more angular look of the penciled sketches i scan in. i frequently find myself drawing a line and liking it so much i'll change the drawing to incorporate it. after that, i bust out the polygonal lasso and 'flat' my work out. at that stage, i may start off picking gray tones to make everything work, but if it gets too complex i start tossing in anything.

anyways, i hope to have the hare up in relatively short order.


Apr 5, 2009

Apr 4, 2009

diddles and doodles

30 min red sonja doodle. i do these diddles periodically throughout the week - at lunch, before i start working on client stuff, or when i'm cooking dinner. some of em' are pencil, some are straight ink. this one started in pencil, but i broke my lead and didn't have a sharpener with me. so i got on it with my brush pen. 30 mins, no more. just enough time to clear the head and relax.

Feb 27, 2009

i am the night...

...but he is also the lunch. specifically the pad thai from noodles & co. the dark knight is everywhere! even during lunch meetings at your office! silently judging your to-do lists!

if you're an art kid, you're probably like me. you probably drew all over your papers, worksheets and homework during grade school. some of us got in trouble for it. some of us got bonus points.

some of us still do it.

Feb 17, 2009

naughty, naughty mr. kool-aid...

...yes, there's totally a lack of clothing here.

i never draw naughty stuff and i really want to try it out. it's totally a blast, but methinks i'll end up wracking my brains trying to think of more hot ideas.

if only i was bruce timm. he oozes sexy directly from the pen onto the page. man that sounds so bad.

but true.

Feb 6, 2009

just sit back...

...and relax? allows you to create slideshows of your galleries! nifty!

Feb 2, 2009

it came from the 1950's... a website we're sponsoring asked us to work them up a header. vinyl virgin is a site dedicated to new vinyl users - helping em' out with care, maintenance, and purchasing quality equipment. their current header is somewhat meh. of course, we were more than happy to oblige them. i got to bubblin' and thought "man...vinyl 50's pulp horror film." and so i decided to sacrifice a young virgin to the vinyl gods. to that end, this is just the star of the site graphic, marty. the rest of the temple is gonna be made from vinyl records and the site header will be total 1950's cheese.

i'm so lucky i get to do this stuff.

Jan 24, 2009

what am i...on fire?!

watched 8mm again last night. it's a great movie, and really the film that convinced me nic cage was probably not such a loser after all.

i picked my fav part of the movie...while he's standing in the doorway having just finished beating the almighty shit out of eddie the porno man. hands shaking, his right side covered in blood, he proceeds to finish the job and go after machine which turns into one of the most disturbing endings in a movie. ever.

Jan 23, 2009

les sigh…

you know...i got nothing. pretty much got home earlier tonight, picked up a pizza from ye olde pizza castle and started doodling. scanned it in, started inking. then i thought, well eff, i got nothing else to do but watch nic cage get crazy in '8mm' and eat pizza right? and so on. i guess it's mostly an experiment with zipatones and color. never tried it before.

who knows. what it really gets down to is the fact that i love the shit out of cartooning and i've really gotten away from that because i've been trying to be more hyper realistic. mike set me straight though and so i'm just doodling sense of right or wrong, not trying to imitate anyone or do anything correctly. just drawing and doing what comes to mind instead of struggling for just the right way to show it - i didn't feel like drawing feet, the page wasn't big enough from where i started sketching, so there. she doesn't have anything below the kneecaps. why? because paraplegics can be hot pirate wenches too.

but i'm taking mike's advice and drawing stuff the way it comes naturally to me. which means there's gonna be potential for a whole lotta utter shit on the blog for the next few months lol. sorry guys and gals, you're part of the adventure now.

[insert typical sean backstory about the picture here.]