Nov 24, 2009

so very long...

...and no updates! been crazy busy, moved to a new house and i still haven't replaced my scanner. however, i try to keep myself occupied. i've been working very hard on my digital coloring. most of the time i just pull art from my collection to practice with and when i'm done, i tuck it away never to see the light of day again.

i'm really happy with how this is turning out. i tried a lot of new stuff that i'd never considered before. when i look back now at my very first attempt at digital painting, i have to cringe. i really thought i'd pick up a wacom stylus and PRESTO! i'd be a painter. it's taken a few years since then to understand how real painting even works, how to actually use color theory and use that together. i'm still more comfortable with traditional watercolor, but lately i'm very thankful that i didn't get frustrated and give up.

actually, i still get frustrated!

lineart is of course by the illustrious joe madureira.

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