Dec 14, 2009


...and 'they' would be three of the finest artists i know. i've followed the careers of each of these guys for a while, had a chance to hang out with em' and have a few conversations. and you know what?

they're just as awesome as the madness they lay down on the page. so when they approached me and asked if i'd be interested in creating a poster for the event, you can bet i jumped at the chance.

if you live anywhere near new york city, go see em' saturday! you won't be sorry.

saturday, december 19th
7pm at the red horse cafe
497 6th avenue, park slope (brooklyn, NYC)

you get a chance to meet and mingle with these cats, enjoy some beverage and live music, and best of all - you get to check out all their awesome art.

i think you should all peruse their websites, it's worth your time.

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