Jun 30, 2008


…glancing over her shoulder, hannah mischievously smiled at the stormtroopers. they had pursued her this far...little did they know what lay in store. men often followed her into dark corners and strange alleys thinking her a soft prize. men had often followed; men had often died…

you're probably wondering…

where the hell is art challenge 2? well, i moved from OKC to washington dc and never got it scanned. well it's scanned now, and he'll go up when i get back to work and pull him from my desktop. silly me.

art challenge 3 rotated the subject matter to rick's court. and he laid that game down. laid it down flat. a girl han solo...hannah solo. being that i already have a man crush on han, this was a hoot. today is the first day i got my new wacom pen and i put it to hard work.

drink it in. photoshop cs3 and only one break to watch an exceptionally good episode of 'friends'.

the last crusader is still to come.

Jun 29, 2008


…the hot sands swept around joric. under his watchful eye hundreds of pilgrims had journeyed safely to jerusalem to seek new lives, new forgiveness, new happiness. hundreds…but not he. how long had he waited? how long since his sword, now rusted and pitted, gleamed bright and deadly in setting sun of the desert? long enough for god to forget even him? joric smiled bitterly into the sky. saladin had taken the holy city and with it, his calling…

so yes, retroactive, but art challenge 2 nonetheless! i chose the topic "the last crusader standing watch over the pilgrim road" and this is what i done come up with.

pencil, ink and marker. sexeh? is sexeh.

check out rick's if you haven't already. it's pretty baller.

Jun 9, 2008


...the falconers of genghis khan are among the most sinister of his one thousand assassins. they are a quiet breed of hunter, preferring the silence and solitude of the vast mongolian steppe. skilled with knives and swords, spears and bows, the falconer's most dangerous asset is the near psychic connection he or she shares with their bird or 'hand'. with the merest flick of their wrist, death descends. it is impossible to hide from a falconer, and khan uses them appropriately to hunt deserters, slaves and even his enemies.

jai is the only daughter of yinra kot, and the only woman to have ever achieved the rank of falconer in kahn's service. to cross her path, is to step in death's shadow.

so my art challenge with friend and jedi master rick lacy began last week. the whole idea is to keep ourselves fresh and doing new things. the first topic of the challenge was a falconer serving under genghis khan. i banged out the prelim sketch fairly quickly, fully intent on a digital doodle to bring to the table at the end. but in the frenzy of packing for my cross country move...i'm ashamed to say i snapped my wacom pen in twain by sitting on it.

however, i had a great deal of fun drawing the marker version up. after the initial sketch i decided i'd much rather have jai in a more intriguing action pose. and recalling a tip rick gave me once (draw in ink, it'll loosen you up) i started working completely in pen and marker, pencils be damned!

definitely one of the most challenging things i've gotten to do, but also incredibly fun. i haven't busted out the old stuff in months it feels like so it was good to get back to the hand skills. my only regret is that i couldn't find my india ink, being that i think i packed it already. so 7 or 8 days from now...when i'm hopefully unpacked you will see entry 2 in our challenge.

and if you haven't already clicked on rick's link to look at his, go do it now. it's absolutely amazing. take special note of the seemingly carefree lines, brushed 'just so' onto the page with a kinetic energy that makes me gnash me teeth in delighted jealous agony.