Jun 29, 2008


…the hot sands swept around joric. under his watchful eye hundreds of pilgrims had journeyed safely to jerusalem to seek new lives, new forgiveness, new happiness. hundreds…but not he. how long had he waited? how long since his sword, now rusted and pitted, gleamed bright and deadly in setting sun of the desert? long enough for god to forget even him? joric smiled bitterly into the sky. saladin had taken the holy city and with it, his calling…

so yes, retroactive, but art challenge 2 nonetheless! i chose the topic "the last crusader standing watch over the pilgrim road" and this is what i done come up with.

pencil, ink and marker. sexeh? is sexeh.

check out rick's if you haven't already. it's pretty baller.


Rick Lacy said...

is sexeh! Poor Joric. Poor, miserable, god-forgotten Joric.

What did you use for the ink? A brush or brush pen?

- sean - said...

used a no. 4 brush and my trusty, messy inkwell.