Apr 6, 2009

the hound…

who's the hound? no one special...just the only bounty hunter to track a man across 10 kingdoms and bring him back alive.

this was based on an art challenge idea rick had, but we got busy. then i reworked the idea and posed it to mike. he of course completed it, and i got busy. i'm an epic failure, i know.

as everyone may notice, my drawings are really loose and tend to change when i ink 'em. while i do ink a lot of my work digitally, i tend to draw just as loose with the wacom and aim for light, flowing curves as opposed to the more angular look of the penciled sketches i scan in. i frequently find myself drawing a line and liking it so much i'll change the drawing to incorporate it. after that, i bust out the polygonal lasso and 'flat' my work out. at that stage, i may start off picking gray tones to make everything work, but if it gets too complex i start tossing in anything.

anyways, i hope to have the hare up in relatively short order.


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