Apr 19, 2009

pahn whitefoot...

...pahn stood impassively in the circle. though he had mastered the way of boulder, the path of water was still a mystery to him. this chicken ...this samurai... before him moved like water. water should break upon his boulder, but it simply flowed around him. pahn was intrigued. ever since cubhood, pahn whitefoot had studied the art of sumo and reveled in the simple joys of his life. but to see this glorious, masterful dance of sword and feather before him, he knew his joys were incomplete.

pahn spoke quietly "i would not leave my temple for all the bamboo of the sacred grove, but i will follow you if you will have me."

cluck considered this silent giant for a long moment. "i do not need a servant," he said at length, "but i would welcome a friend."

pahn bowed.

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