Jul 7, 2009

mein gott...

...i'm here. i've been here for three weeks. three weeks of semi-laziness as i reconnect with friends and family.

i've drawn, but i still need to buy a new scanner. perhaps tomorrow i shall. for the faithful - you shall have a new drawing before next week ends. maybe even...more?

the move was good, i'm set up here in oklahoma now. been a busy bee during the day and my nights are filled with reunions. usually over mexican food or burgers. beer has been involved, but not overly much.

lots of character concept has gone on in my internet absence. i think you'll all be pleased with the results when i start posting them up. inkstatic.com has been getting a makeover and in addition, i've joined forces with another powerful jedi...we've formed a side project but shhhhh...i can't tell you more than that.

but for now, thanks for following my wild romp on the east coast. i'm settled in and ready to rock. i leave you with some of the concept sketches for inkstatic.com's new site id.

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