Jun 3, 2009

man these are DOWN, RIGHT, FIERCE!

...so as many of you may have heard, i am moving to OKC. fun stuff - lots of opportunities are at hand! so in the midst of packing and finishing up client stuff here on the east coast, personal sketching and fun is now on hold. would you believe i've already packed my scanner?

thank god for webcams.

i got into a groove over the last week with the prismacolor speed sketches. each one of these ran around 45 minutes from the time the pencil hit the paper til' i laid the last marker stroke down. the most amazing thing about working fast (for fun!) is the amount you learn. you start seeing certain elements in your work and training yourself to see them before you draw them the next time. it teaches you to plan a little better.

i still think working quickly is a good habit to learn, but i've always been leery of just slamming out work for clients. when i'm sketching, i'm completely fine with bein' down and dirty, but on commissioned work? naw. sometimes, it just takes time and ya' gotta have that patience. especially with frisket!

see you cats in OKC real soon.

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kurushimi-girl said...

Those are so cool!!
*runs away*