Jan 23, 2009

les sigh…

you know...i got nothing. pretty much got home earlier tonight, picked up a pizza from ye olde pizza castle and started doodling. scanned it in, started inking. then i thought, well eff, i got nothing else to do but watch nic cage get crazy in '8mm' and eat pizza right? and so on. i guess it's mostly an experiment with zipatones and color. never tried it before.

who knows. what it really gets down to is the fact that i love the shit out of cartooning and i've really gotten away from that because i've been trying to be more hyper realistic. mike set me straight though and so i'm just doodling now...no sense of right or wrong, not trying to imitate anyone or do anything correctly. just drawing and doing what comes to mind instead of struggling for just the right way to show it - i didn't feel like drawing feet, the page wasn't big enough from where i started sketching, so there. she doesn't have anything below the kneecaps. why? because paraplegics can be hot pirate wenches too.

but i'm taking mike's advice and drawing stuff the way it comes naturally to me. which means there's gonna be potential for a whole lotta utter shit on the blog for the next few months lol. sorry guys and gals, you're part of the adventure now.

[insert typical sean backstory about the picture here.]


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