Apr 3, 2008

let's party!!


okay, if you haven't seen the musical avenue q, you're probably wondering what the heck this is. however, my best friend desperately desires some bad idea bears of her own and until i learn to sew and cast black voodoo magic, this'll have to do. i could be doing homework, but gosh this is too much fun.

the time has come to hunt for the elusive job up DC way. i found a listing for a place and instantly got incredibly excited about all the possibilities glass might hold. so we'll see if anything comes out of it. i spent this entire semester working in illustrator and photoshop every single day, so i'm definitely at expert mode for adobe CS anything. too bad adobe isn't hiring someone to tell them what's wrong :P

viva la graduation

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Rick Lacy said...

SEAN! These new posts are looking effing sweet! Great work all around. srsly. I'm totally digging the jeesus dude hanging by chains.