Apr 6, 2008

frenzied death throes of comic proportion

well perhaps not, but hey, it's catchy.

two more character post ups for cartooning. leo and t'kk (the protagonist and sidekick of my story) and camen (the meaty, mean looking antagonist) are done now. i think this is the approach i'm going to take with it. as much as i love inking, i may skip the inks and opt to scan and paint in photoshop straight on. just depends. i'll probably need to grab up an H or F pencil to keep things clean.

we'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I know I ma looking at this from a girl's perspective but Leo totally looks like he is grabbing his OTHER sword!!


- sean - said...

that's how you roll in the future.

cockfighting is all about strategy...and a firm grip!