Apr 8, 2008


inked it. normally i use a brush or somethin' digital. but this time i used straight pens. and i gotta say, i'm not happy with it. i figured this out about 10 minutes into it. however, i can't quit in the middle of something so i finished it. most of the stuff feels too contrived, the shadows make no sense, and the lines are all a mess. too many areas have the same line quality, and make it hard to discern what's going on, meaning this will HAVE to be solved in color.

no bueno.

i need to tighten my pencils on this if i want to have that geometric/chiseled look. then perhaps skip inking and simply paint or color in. i don't know. i'm going to go back and ink this with a brush now and investigate that option.

rick i need to borrow your brain for a few hours.

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Rick Lacy said...

Braaaaaaiiiinnnss! BRAAINS!

Don't sell the drawing to short too soon. You'd just have to pick a definitive light source and don't hesitate to fill in some big areas with black. Easily remedied.

rock on!