Mar 9, 2008

this is what it sounds like...

…when the doves cry.

so keith asked me to roll my story for cartooning forward to a more pivotal point in leo's life. i worked up some sketches of him as a soldier, but i only colored one.

and i loathes it. like i loathes that fishy taste in my iced tea at red lobster. for some reason i've been having a huge struggle to color anything lately. it's as if all my learnin' is getting in the way of me enjoying it. and i end up feeling stunted.

must fix that.


Luke said...

This one is a good start, but I agree. It seems a bit rushed? I understand though if keith is urging you to do something you didn't plan on.
I like the character, his face and pose, but there are a few things needing attention.

His neck and head seem planted too high on his shoulders, like they need to slide down his chest a bit. As points of reference, maybe his eyes should be level with the top of his shoulder? That is close to where I think they might be.
More folds and twists in the clothing and armor. I think his hand and his head need to be a bit bigger to match his body size. Other than that. I think the environment would have a lot more effect on the color of the character.

We will look at this on Tuesday if you would like to. :)

I think if you were doing one you wanted to instead of what keith wants, it would have been better.

Rick Lacy said...

I think there should be more guns!

and is he crying? There's no crying in Terran Waaaarrrr!!

Looking good, Sean. Lets see some more!