Feb 25, 2007

a friend of mine told me last week, life is good. i've had a pretty awful year so far. i didn't think 2007 would be as bad as 06' but man, what a shocker. he told me, life is good. you're still standing, you're breathing, you've got a whole future to look forward to. believe me, sometimes you'll have crappy months... sometimes they'll turn into incredibly crappy years and you'll have giant crap sandwiches rain on you non-stop; but life is good because at least you can experience all the bad with the good. so in an effort to regain a sense of normalcy in my life, i decided to start a new blog to go with 2007. some people get a garden, or a bonsai; i'm starting a blog. it's a sketch book that i can dump anything i want into without having to subject it to jacksquat. no critiques, no polished pieces, just whatever the hell i feel like dropping in.

so here is my first attempt at dabbling into my own mind. i called this blog inkstasy for a reason. i think pen and ink is an amazing medium and so many of my favorite illustrators utilize it greatly; so with this in mind inkstasy will be a study, an attempt to learn from emulation and observation of my heroes; shinkawa, mazzucchelli, miller, silver, pekar and others.

rapidograph .30 mm pen/speedball superblack ink. prince of persia doodle, 15 min
Rapidograph Pens and a couple of Copic Art markers. again, prince of persia doodle, 25 min. the effort was to create a tight composition of delicate linework with bold shadows that didn't outweigh the minute details. i really enjoyed this approach so i'll probably play more with it.
Copic Art markers -- arthas sketch, 20 min total.
Sumi-e Brush and Speedball Superblack India ink w/ Copic Markers. artemis entreri sketch, 35 min total.

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