May 6, 2008

from atop the dark throne...

the future stretched out before cluck farther than he could see. his swords peck & scratch in his hands, he squinted into the distance. though he had slain the zombie fried army of his ohiki brethren under the shogun's control, bested both the swine warriors sweet and sour, he was unsure. the fog of fate rolled toward him, shrouding his destiny. with one deep breath, he stepped forward into the swirling mists to begin his greatest journey.

...i can see the end.

that's right. on friday, i'm graduating. anyways, here's a small taste of what's up fun wise. just playing with samurai cluck while i was waiting on stuffs to print on the big machine. and i don't want you to get terribly bored while i'm finishing my new spread with the revisions it desperately needed. he's not done, but i have to make myself stop at the moment. maybe next week i can finish him when all my real stuff is taken care of.

soon mr. danger. soon.

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Rick Lacy said...

This is an awesome post. I think you just wrote Pixar's next film with this one.

We should start a weekly sketch challenge. Could be fun and challenging. Once a week we'll pick a topic (i.e. Buck Rodgers) and we'll post our sketches. It could at least keep us sharp.