Nov 10, 2010

BAM all up in ya' face...

life's been busy and then a little extra busy. but good. right now i'm working on a mascot redesign for my hometown high school. the miller man has been around in his current incarnation since 1985-ish. he's been photocopied, abused, crumpled up and generally smacked around with a dirty xerox machine. in fact, you can view him HERE.

i decided to take the opportunity to give him a facelift, for personal pride if nothing else. the yukon board of education is surprisingly elusive. like the wildebeast, they graze here and there - always fleet of foot as they dash away from emails and phone calls regarding the beloved high school mascot.

will he ever see the light of day once i finish him? i'm not sure. i'll present him to the school board and see where it goes from there. but here's a snapshot of my halfway point. lots left to do, but i'm pleased with the progress thus far. more later.


the school board is finally going to meet with me next week, so we'll see how our hero fares. here's a snapshot the version to be presented. If it's approved - it'll get fixed up and tweaked!

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