Feb 26, 2008

the hunted...

...stumbling, the frantic man tore through the shadows of the alley. he had heard of everymen of course, the most feared of all government black ops agents, but had never dreamed he'd be in this position now. he collapses to the ground behind a rusty and pitted dumpster trying to catch his breath. how the hell had this happened? there had been 6 men on his tactical team and now he was down to three rounds and wounded. in moments, he had become the prey, no longer the hunter. cautiously he chances a glance back from where he came.


he turns back and a cold, wet hand stifles his scream.

"what do you want with me?" a quiet voice asks.

the frantic man can taste the blood on the quiet man's hand. he shakes his head furiously, "i don't know" he mumbles into the steel palm, "please, i don't want to die."

the quiet man stands and raises his sidearm to the frantic man's face, the click of the gun's hammer speaking without hesitation.

"neither do i."

the everyman is a character created specifically for cartooning class here at uco. even though i don't see him going any farther, but he was definitely fun to explore.

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Andrea Bloom said...

Your site just keeps getting better and better (mostly cause your art rocks so the more you put up, the better it is). Keep up the good work and I'll check back!