Feb 5, 2008

taking the fight...to the man

a friend sent out an email this morning. in which they said, part of obama's appeal is that he's only been in washington for 4 years. i think that's actually an intriguing point (hurray for inspiration right before cartooning class). so intriguing that i recalled the movie gladiator as i was thinking of this cartoon. russell crowe's character is asked to give rome back to the people; told in fact, that only he can do it because he hasn't seen rome, has not been tainted by it's corruption. and he gives his all to make it happen, even after he has nothing left to lose. his character maximus was dynamic, inspired loyalty, and fearless, and dedicated to the idea of rome and it's ideals.

i think that's an interesting parallel some people may draw between the two of them, even if neither man lives up to their ideals.

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