Aug 22, 2008

moments of clarity…

…are hard to find. it's been a long week. maybe one of the worst i've ever had. it seems like everything will be made in the shade by monday, but who the f*$% really knows.

anyways, two sketches…each took about 45 minutes. i started doodling with nothing in mind and batman just sort of appeared. after that, a young onlooker saw what i was doing and asked if i could draw two-face. i didn't use any references, so don't be too harsh on my harvey dent. yes he's messed up, yes his gunhand is skewed and yes it could be a lot better. but to a 11 year old boy, i'm sure it's awesome.

i took a little time this morning before work and did some tonal work on em, more to keep busy than anything else. nothing fancy, just a mouse and some soft brushing. i feel like i've had to be doing something all the time or sleeping this week or i will have a nervous break down and shut off.

on a lighter note, i will be starting inkstatic studio back up and begin plugging-in here in dc now. i've been reflecting on it and after a couple of very long conversations this week, i've decided it can't wait any longer - i've had my time off and it's time to get back on track. too many needless and unwanted distractions lately.

open for business.

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Rick Lacy said...

these are awesome, sean. that kid prolly luv'd it.