Aug 27, 2008

you can't deny the force...

i played 'the force unleashed' demo.

holy. shit.

it has never been so gratifying to be a jedi. usually they're cry babies. or the sith are underpowered. galen marek is no such pussy. he's ridiculously powerful. just like the demo is ridiculously fun to play. force lighting? pwns. force lighting wrapped around my lightsaber while i skewer a guy? that's just plain hot to trot. this game may just remind me why i am busting my tail to crack the game industry out here in maryland. these are the kinds of things i want to be a part of from concept to creation. i've gotten to the point where i don't play games for fun. i haven't done that in years. now it's all about what i can glean from the process to make myself better.

this game just happens to do both for me.

finally got my pc hooked up and running again. i love my macbook dearly, but she's a little unusable when i want to opencanvas with rachel. matilda fired right up though and she's been doing great (minus internet goodness) while terrorbot5000 is getting her logic board replaced.

to the business at hand though, i suppose i'll post up a little bit of our OC shennanigans from last night...which took me well past midnight - and i'm a grown up now so that's tough.

and that's it. that's all i have for now. i am buying this game the day it comes out. already got it reserved. and i'll be there...sweaty palms and everything. don't think so? i find your lack of faith...disturbing.

destroy them all starkiller...destroy them all.

EDIT you know, when rick is right...he's incredibly right. he basically asked me why i didn't finish this picture and i couldn't conjure a reason. that's the worst form of sloppy thinking. "done because i'm tired".


he's done now.

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Rick Lacy said...

this is a great post. i luv seeing work in progress. the different colors are cool. Maybe blend them together and create a fuller background...?