Dec 2, 2008


...the kitjutsu foxes emerged from every shadow of the forest, releasing themselves from the dark embrace of the trees to slink towards the defiant rooster.

in the stillness of that terrible moment, time stood frozen. the mist hung thick about his frame, the banner caught silent and unmoving in the sky, 'peck' and 'scratch' glinting fiercely...death in his eyes.

"come vermin," he clucked softly in a strangely quiet tone.

then twenty they came...forty, fifty, one-hundred.....a legion. the sky above him filled with a mass of red paws and cruel fangs...

and lord cluck laughed...

been busy. real busy. almost...too busy?


but i spent a night in the paintchat with my favorite southern belle rachel. in between sketching on this cluck and chatting with her, i jumped back to the oni forums for the rick and phil hour. a good time was had by all.

a little bit about what's going on, lots of sketches and some nice work developing but definitely lots at the office with furnace breaking into new markets.

anyways, this cluck is perhaps my favorite so far - minus the facial tattoos...gotta finally settle on those. i've been exploring different looks for him, but i keep coming back to this cartooned styling. i'm so tickled with this current sketch i'm going to paint it up classic style. we'll see how it turns out.


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