Dec 6, 2008

what are you retarded kid? i'm the batman!

been reading all star batman & robin: the boy wonder. picked up the volume one trade hardcover for 14 bucks at - which is an awesome place to get whatever you need dirt cheap.

while it's very different for typical batman, i'm overall pleased with it. most people can't stand it, but at least i don't think dick grayson is a queer for wearing that retarded costume anymore.
just finished up a quick doodle. i'm working on a comic book cover for a commission. no, it's not a real one, but the guy wants a batman comic cover for his son for christmas and i'm more affordable than a real comic book artist! so in true fashion, i sketched up the gotham knights (batman, robin, batgirl and the ever badass nightwing) for an over sized cover. it's so damn big i'll have to scan it at the office.
as far as the above posted dynamic duo is concerned, i reached back into the ever flowing spring of arcane wisdom that is rick and drew this clean up in ink. overall, i'm pretty happy with most of it, except robin's hands and one or two other details. i'm gonna redraw those since you can't really erase ink and i didn't have any white-out. one 20 minute color job later it goes up on teh blog for your eyes only.


*edit* rescanned batman and played with him some more at lunch minus the wacom today. adjusted the inks around his shoulders and cowl. took almost the whole, wacoms make like teh easy!

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