Dec 25, 2008

sean vs the nerds

in the words of philip j fry, merry Xmas.

so one of my fav podcasts, tom vs the flash, is outrageously funny. tom katers takes about 15 minutes each episode and blows through each issue of classic comics like justice league (tom vs the jla) and of course the flash. he's pretty sarcastic about the whole deal, but he's a real fan. we all are. but when you look back at the 1960's -- well comics were pretty hilarious back then without realizing it. tom asked his listeners to crank out a logo for him to use. considering how much i HATE podcasts that don't have icons for my itunes library, i felt compelled to submit something. he usually just uses the covers from each book he reviews, but i like a sense of continuity. not mention i'd like to see my logo staring at me everyday.

just a quick vector job i did this morning. illustrator and photoshop. since he's reviewing a classic comic book character, i wanted to use a version of the character from one of my favorite artists. i used a drawing of the flash michael turner did to get the body posture i wanted and used my imagination to create the rest of it -- all in all it took about 3 hours for a fun little ditty.


Rick Lacy said...

This is effing slick. I love it. Did T. Katers use it?

- sean - said...

man we shall know soon. i am cautiously optimistic about my logo making prowess.